Being me and anxious and busy, there are very few times where everything feels good. It can be as insignificant as the thirty seconds I spent running to catch up to some corgis on High street or as big as striking a set after closing night of a show. Regardless of what you’re doing in that moment or how you feel three hours later, they matter.

Those thirty seconds or whatever make everything worth it. Seeing everyone happy and together and no longer stressing out over papers or reading 114 pages in a day make the unbearable periods totally worth it. Living through those means I get to see these again.

I get to hug my dogs and watch Maia try to eat crab but it flies out of her hands and right into a trash can.. I get to bring them cookies when they have a bad day and wear my favorite shoes. The little things ground you, and as cheesy as it sounds, the things that rip you up again do not take away those moments.

There are very few moments when I truly have no fear, and this is one of them.

~ Addie


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