For Mom


Squam Lake – Fall Pause 2015

Well, it’s your birthday! And I wanted to do something besides send you basset hound socks and a wine glass with a dog etched into it… don’t judge! I’m really not great at looking people in the eye and tell them that I appreciate them and why they mean the world to me, so I’m going to write it here.

I don’t want to get super cheesy, so I’ll just say a few things.

1.) I found this video of you dancing to that song “Peanut Butter Jelly Time” and whenever I think about it I laugh. When I’m sad, I watch it. Your energy is infectious and you make everyone happy when they see you. And life is approximately 70% more boring with out seeing you every day.

2.) I remember you saying that leaving me after fall pause when I was freaking out behind my dorm was the hardest thing you’ve ever had to do. But a few months ago you said it was because you realized that I didn’t need you anymore- not in a really morbid way but in the way that means I can take care of myself. While I still can’t see myself getting through panic attacks or an argument with a friend with out you, I would not be here with out you. I’ll always need you.

3.) I think you’re a wonderful person. You’re generous and kind and funny and you make everything better. I miss being able to see you every day.

So, happy birthday Mommy!! I love you to the moon and back. and I can’t wait to see you super soon. Hug the puppies (and my sister I guess) for me!

Love always,

~ Addie


One comment

  1. Katherine Downs · April 15, 2016

    Spew bless!! Love you forever! You make my world complete!! Mommy

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