Well. I made it. It seems kind of not real but also I feel like I’ve been a freshman in college for fifteen years. And it also feels great. When I bought my planner back in July, I looked at May and June and kind of didn’t think I would make it. When my family was making summer 2016 plans, I definitely could not imagine being there. It seemed impossible to get that far.

But, I made it. We all did. I fell up stairs, got soup thrown on me, got freezing water dumped on me, got published, fell down stairs, also sat on by a Great Pyrenees and so much more. And everything was worth it.

Of everything I did this year, trying was definitely the best. I regret nothing and I’m so glad I stayed. In October, my mom just got frustrated and said, “Well then just come home.” For some reason I said no. And now I know completely why I did.

The people I have met and the things I have done have changed me. The tiny and scared part of me in October somehow knew that before I did. I know that I am meant to be here and I am so grateful that I can be. My friends and family supported me through everything, and with out them, I definitely would have gone home. So thank you. Your support and letters and chocolate and Facebook messages made more difference than I can say. I am unbelievably thankful for all of you. Being 1/4 of the way done with college is possible because of you.

It’s so hard to not be afraid but I promise that trying is the best way to conquer it. You’ll even regret not trying because there is a small
part of you that knows you can do it. I’ll refrain from quoting Nike, but you get my point.

Noli timere.

~ Addie





  1. mpmusic30646 · May 7, 2016

    This is awesome. Your bravery in putting your heart and soul out here for us to see is inspiring. Addie, you make people feel understood. You make people want to be better. You are an intuitive teller of stories. Proud to know you.


  2. Nancy G Mcduff · May 7, 2016

    Congratulations, Addie. Welcome home and happy 1/4th of the way.


    Sent from my iPad


  3. bertisdowns · May 8, 2016

    I just noticed the Adirondak chair picture you used and just about cried as I dropped my hat! Oh that day 8.5 months ago when all of our hearts were in our chests and we were all just holding it in and trying to remember to breathe. Wow that picture flooded it all back and it felt cathartic I guess. Sure glad yiou made it and are THRIVING sweet Addie! Enjoy Mother’s Day with Mommy!


  4. bertisdowns · May 9, 2016

    On the porch breakfasting with Eliza who wants to know why you didn’t use a photo with her in it too! #OffendedLittleSister


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