Class of 2016

To all of my friends/family/etc who graduated this past weekend, there was a lot wanted to tell you, but at ceremonies I get a little too excited. I pull a Bertis and get oddly emotional and wave my hands a lot and I start to bounce a little.

Graduating is extremely exciting. For starters, you don’t have to go to high school anymore. Depending on the school, you also don’t have to ride the bus. When you graduate college, you get to adult. Personally I’m not ready for that, but I admire everyone who is. It’s also fun because your parents are feeling nostalgic and so they will let you get away with some stuff, like not cleaning your room or forgetting that you have to babysit your sister…

Most importantly, you get to start over. This seems a little terrifying but it’s the most exciting part. You can forget the people that were mean or the bad grade on a math test that ultimately didn’t matter. When you move away it will seem daunting and impossible and also thrilling and kind of like you’re vibrating. In other words, it’s a lot to feel. But they are good things to feel, and you can work through them. It’s not easy but it is doable. You can make new friends and do exciting things and maybe get a puppy.

That was a pretty vague way of saying what I wanted, but when it comes to graduating, everything has pretty much been said at least once. Except that I am so proud to know all of you. Y’all are going to do wonderful things and I can’t wait to hear about them. Although it’s going to be hard at times, you won’t believe how much you grow.

Noli timere, graduates. Everything is going to be wonderful.

~ Addie


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