IMG_0481On this day 13 years ago, I wore my sparkly ladybug shirt and matching pants to a hospital in California and stood on my tippy toes and peered into the hospital nursery. I saw my baby sister for the first time. I may have wanted a brother (kidding) but I was beaming.

My little tiny baby sister turns 13 today. She’s taller than me and wears a size 9 in shoes and her hair is longer than mine, but she’s my baby. When you’re 6 years older than a sibling, it’s kind of hard to find things in common. You have different friends, different hobbies, etc. But now that we’re older, it is so fun to spend time with her. She’s funny, dorky, clumsy, smart and sooo weird. And I feel so old.

Eliza, you are such a blessing. We give each other a hard time and we definitely bite each other, but I hope you know that I adore you. My life would not be the same with out you. I’m honored to be your big sister. Happy birthday, Peach.

Also, Happy Father’s Day to Bertis! Your name is weird, but you’re pretty cool. I love you!


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