This Is My Rant

Hello everyone! I have returned after another hiatus. I started this blog as a way to cope with anxiety and stress, so I guess it’s a good thing when I don’t use it. But, after the recent political events, things aren’t so hot and I feel the need to vent so here we are.

Most of you know where I stand. If you don’t… I am pro-choice. I believe in equal pay for everyone, regardless of gender. I think people should be able to love whoever they want. I think it’s wrong to discriminate against people because of where they are from or what they believe in.  I know that climate change is real. I think that public schools are great.

Words cannot explain how angry and hurt I am about the past few weeks. I am watching everything I stand for get attacked by people who don’t know what they are doing. I have wanted to be a teacher since I was 6. and for those of you who know my dad, you know that he is a major advocate for public schools. I completely agree. I went through public schools in Athens and I don’t think that I would be the person I am if I hadn’t. I honestly feel that I could be a better Secretary of Education than the woman that was chosen today. I have some more damn experience.

The current administration threatens the career that I have wanted for a majority of my life. It threatens the lives of my friends and their families. It affects millions of people that I don’t know and it is so infuriating to read ignorant Facebook posts and angry comments left under articles. America is losing its mind and I have literally no clue what to do about it. But, there are things I do know.

I know what I want to do with my life. I don’t know if it will be quite the way I planned, but I know that I want to be a public school teacher. I know that I’m incredibly fortunate in so many ways. I know that I want people to feel as lucky and happy as I do, and I know that I have to do whatever I can for my friends, peers, and neighbors that feel unsafe and scared. I know that I am not going to change my beliefs just to make life easier.

So, that’s my piece. If you read this far, thank you. I just needed to get it off my chest. I think people can do incredible things when they come together, and I think the anger and sadness we feel makes us a force to be reckoned with. Pushing people away because of beliefs, background, religion or whatever is not the answer. We are stronger together.

Noli timere, readers. It’s so hard right now, but we will figure it out.

~ Addie